Low Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinics in Oxford County

Picture of a dog and a cat cuddling.

Rabies immunization of dogs and cats is compulsory under Ontario Regulation 567/90.

But beside being compulsory, they are an important contributor to your pet’s health and longevity.

For pets that aren’t getting regular veterinary care, Southwestern Public Health and local veterinarians have partnered to host low-cost rabies vaccination clinics across Oxford County on September 28, 2019

Cost: $25 per animal unless otherwise noted. 

Location Drumbo Ingersoll Hickson Norwich Tillsonburg Mount Elgin Woodstock Woodstock Woodstock

McNeil Mobile Veterinary Service

Ingersoll Veterinary Service

Hickson Veterinarians

Norwich Veterinary Services Edwards Veterinary Services Ostrander Veterinary Services Oxford County Veterinary Clinic Wellington Animal Hospital Yates Veterinary Hospital 
Address Drumbo Fire Hall

56 King St. W. 



Hwy 59 

51 Stover St. S.

527 Broadway St. 

332810 Plank Line

570 Ingersoll Ave. 

95 Wellington St. S. 

28 Bysham Park Dr. 




519-425-2850 519-462-2727 519-863-3836 519-688-2123 519-842-7845 519-290-9400 519-539-9722 519-539-4771
Hours 9am - 2pm 9am - noon 8:30am - 11am 9am - noon 9am - noon 9am - 11am 9am - noon 9am - 11am 9am - noon
Details Cash only Cash only Cash only

Cash only

Dogs on leashes, cats in carriers

Cash only

Dogs on leashes, cats in carriers

Cash only

Dogs on leashes, cats in carriers 

Cash only Cash only Cash only

For more information:
519.421.9901 | 1.800.922.0096

Please note: pets must be accompanied by persons 18 years of age or older to be vaccinated.