Changes to OHIP+ and Cost of Birth Control

Photo of birds nest and mention of changes to cost of birth control

Changes to OHIP+

If you are 24 years old or younger, this applies to you.

As of April 1, 2019, people who DO NOT have access to private insurance can continue to use OHIP+.

People who DO have access to private insurance can no longer use OHIP+. They will need to get their medications paid for by their private plan at a pharmacy.

You can still get prescriptions for birth control at Southwestern Public Health. You will then fill these prescriptions at a pharmacy through OHIP+ or private insurance.

We still offer low cost birth control options and free STI treatments.

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Price Increases for Birth Control

Do you get your birth control from Southwestern Public Health?

We want to let you know that the price of some of our birth control options will increase later this year due to an increase in manufacturer prices.

We will offer birth control at our current prices until our supply runs out. The new prices are not final. The chart below shows what we estimate the new prices will be.

There will be a price increase on birth control from a pharmacy as well. 

Please call us at 519-631-9900 x 1278 (St. Thomas) or 519-539-4431 (Woodstock) with questions or to discuss your options.


Current Cost

New Estimated Cost

















Last Updated: March 27, 2019