Colourful makeover planned for Intersection of Hunter and Light Streets

Last Updated: June 25, 2019
Two elementary school students painting the intersection on June 11.

Central Public School students painted the cross walk on Tuesday June 4 based on a design by local artist Tara Murray

On Tuesday June 11, elementary school students from Central Public School gave the intersection of Hunter and Light Streets a colourful makeover intended to calm traffic and draw attention to the presence of children in the area.

Since November 2017, Central Public School has partnered with Southwestern Public Health, Thames Valley District School Board, United Way Oxford, Woodstock Library and the City of Woodstock for a School Travel Planning project. The partnership promotes active transportation (walking, biking, skateboarding, etc.) to and from school for its physical and mental health benefits for children, the promotion of community connection, and the environmental benefits of reducing reliance on cars.

Data collected through the project identified community concerns about safety at the corner of Light and Hunter streets. In response to this concern, the committee decided to paint the crosswalk. The colourful intersection will serve as a traffic calming measure, neighbourhood art and a reminder to drivers that children frequent the area.

“Woodstock Police Service is proud to support an initiative that brings attention to common safety issues within school zones and residential areas in our city. It is great to see students have an opportunity to learn about pedestrian safety while contributing to raising awareness for motorists to slow down and be extra alert while driving in school zones. This crosswalk will be a great tool as an ongoing visual reminder to pedestrians and motorists to stay safe on our streets and around schools,” comments Special Constable Shaylyn Jackson, Community Services Officer with the Woodstock Police Services.