Elgin Gleaners

Apple Hanging from Fruit Tree

Elgin Gleaners is a group in Elgin St. Thomas that connects underused fruit trees with individuals in need. Many people in Elgin St. Thomas own fruit trees, but do not want or need all the fruit that they produce. At the same time, there are individuals and families in Elgin St. Thomas that struggle to afford fresh fruit. Volunteers pick fruit from trees on interested homeowners’ properties and the harvest is split 3 ways: 1/3 is offered to the homeowners, 1/3 is offered to the volunteers, and the remaining 1/3 is donated to community groups (such as food banks, community meals programs, and school nutrition programs).

Success depends upon what volunteers bring to this community group. The ability to harvest fruit can be taught. What we need are volunteers who are committed and excited to be a part of this project! As a volunteer you’ll work with others to pick fruit on homeowners’ properties.

Want to get involved? Visit: https://ywcaste.ca/elgin-gleaners/

Last Updated: August 17, 2017