Governance & Accountability

Progress Towards ESTPH Strategic Priorities

In 2015, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health produced a five-year strategic plan (2016 to 2020) designed to meet local public health needs and concerns of stakeholders.  In 2016, through the work of ESTPH staff and partners, great achievement was made in several priority areas as highlighted in the table below.

Strategic Priority

2016 Achievements

Foster a healthy community through health in all policies, collaborative partnerships that support and advocate for active living, healthy eating and smoke-free living

  • Community Leaders’ Cabinet established with representatives from diverse agencies who began the work of data sharing
  • A system was set up  for sharing data amongst community leaders
  • Initiated system mapping of local data and services around housing, recreation, food security and transportation
  • Grant funding was secured to support work on helping communities become more walkable
  • A Food for All network of local partners working on food security was formed
  • A strategy for expanded smoking cessation access through partners was created
  • Funding for work on Age-Friendly communities was secured

Optimize child and youth (0 to 18) health through an internal integrated strategy and by developing strategies with external partners to mobilize change


  • Scan of parenting programs was completed
  • The Healthy Kids Community Challenge was promoted #IChooseTapWater community wide resulting in 42 new hydration stations being installed in local school and community locations.  The challenge also promoted the run, jump, play everyday theme which resulted in new outdoor ice rinks throughout Elgin County, a revamped and many new cycling resources.

Define and implement strategies for connecting males to public health programs and services

  • Researched the literature to understand what strategies work
  • Shared strategies with all ESTPH staff
  • Designed and implemented a Father’s Day campaign directed to adult males
  • Ensured program plans included at least one program targeted to males

Take an upstream approach in public health work

  • An ESTPH position statement on social determinants of health was approved by the Board of Health
  • An internal committee to support   the Low German Mennonites was created to support internal cultural understanding and integration

Advocate with partners to empower individuals and reduce poverty

  • Elgin St. Thomas Coalition to End Poverty was established
  • A social media campaign highlighting the challenges of poverty was implemented

Engage our community in meaningful public health discussions

  • A new ESTPH website and internal staff platform were designed and launched
  • Training on comprehensive communication planning was offered to all staff
  • A system for tracking and analyzing client satisfaction and complaints was set up

Develop and live our ESTPH leadership philosophy.

  • A leadership philosophy was approved by our Board of Health and implemented organizationally wide
  • The ESTPH performance evaluation tool and process was changed to ensure alignment with this philosophy




Province of Ontario  $        6,979,019
County of Elgin  $           865,823
City of St. Thomas  $           663,102
Healthy Kids Community Challenge  $           255,501
Public Health Agency Canada  $           222,966
Other  $             98,435
TOTAL REVENUE  $       9,084,846


Cost-shared Mandatory Programs
(Including Vector Borne Diseases & Small Drinking Water)

 $          6,191,217
HBHC  $             783,891
Healthy Smiles Ontario  $             377,948
Smoke-Free Ontario  $             332,318
Healthy Kids Community Challenge  $             255,501
Public Health Agency Canada  $             222,966
Infectious Disease Control  $             220,506
Public Health Nurses Initiative  $             180,500
Prenatal/Postnatal Nurse Practitioner  $             133,680
Chief Nursing Officer  $             121,500
Infection Prevention & Control Nurses Initiative  $               90,100
Miscellaneous  $               60,500
TOTAL EXPENDITURES  $         8,970,627  




Last Updated: June 12, 2017