Living Wage

A living wage is the hourly rate that both parents in a family of four need to receive to be contributing members of the community.

A living wage is not the same as the minimum wage, which is the legal minimum all employers must pay. Learn more about the current minimum wage rates from the Ministry of Labour.

The living wage is calculated as the hourly rate at which a household can meet their basic needs, once government transfers have been added to the family’s income and deductions have been subtracted.

calculatorWe understand that it may be a hardship for small businesses or businesses that are just starting out to pay a living wage, but it is offered as a guide, and the benefits help both families in St. Thomas and Elgin and our local communities.

We are looking for Living Wage Champions

If you feel your organization can champion the idea of a living wage or you would like to discuss this in further detail please contact the YWCA St. Thomas -Elgin 519-631-9800 or Elgin St. Thomas Public Health.