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Douglas SchellI am 62 years old and I started smoking at the age of 12 which at that time was not as unusual as it would be today.

These were the days when ads were out there for brands such as Lucky Strike cigarettes saying they were a healthy choice and even had physician endorsements. It was also a time when every young man wanted to be the Marlborough man.

I smoked to the age of around 23 and decided to go on a health mission with running, weight lifting, etc. and thought there was no sense doing this and smoking so I quit cold turkey. It didn’t seem too bad and I managed to stay off cigarettes for ten years. I had smoked about a pack a day but thought I had licked the habit. Along came a family with responsibilities and after 11 years a divorce. One day at work one of my coworkers was a smoker and he was standing there smoking a cigarette and stress being what it is I asked for a puff. From the time of that first puff within one week I was back to pack a day smoker. To this day I am still amazed how fast I was hooked yet again.

I continued to smoke for another ten years then again quit cold turkey which was so much harder than the first time. I truly believe that the older you get the more difficult it is to stop smoking. I remember nearly having to fight with my steering wheel to stop from pulling in to the next variety store for smokes for almost a year. I have not touched a cigarette in a lot of years now. One of the ways I quit was every day I would put the amount I would have spent on cigarettes into a jar and when I had enough I would buy myself a reward. You would be amazed at what you can buy. I purchased a new fishing boat and always thought how much nicer to sit in my boat on fishing than give the money to cigarette companies and I was much healthier for it so it was a win win for me.

My best advice is quit when you are young; it’s easier.

Good luck. As a footnote, if you take a pack of smokes at $9.00 a pack times 365, it is $3,285.00 a year. I think you can still go on a sun vacation for that amount. So a week in Cuba or ruining your health MMMMM.


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