This is my Quit Story - Julian L.

Smoke-free for 4 and a half years!

JulianMy name is Julian and I was a smoker for over 25 years.

I started in my early teens and by my twenties I had ramped to a pack a day. I was the person amongst any group of smokers who smoked two cigarettes for everyone else’s one. After numerous attempts using a variety of methods I finally quit on Halloween night 2011, making my 5 year anniversary just around the corner! I discovered the perfect method for me and it was easy and painless with NO withdrawal symptoms. The secret? A little book called The Easy Way To Stop Smoking by Allen Carr which you can get in any bookstore or library, as well as online, and is available in 38 different languages (

It’s a set of very simple instructions, a road map out of the maze that traps every smoker. The book promised a painless and permanent success and it delivered! How could it be so simple and why did I not experience withdrawal symptoms? It’s because I read every word in the book and followed those simple instructions to the letter!

It goes something like this. Every smoker is trapped in an endless cycle of smoking one cigarette after another. The nicotine your body craves is being used up and metabolised the moment you extinguish your cigarette so that before long you feel that niggling itch and attempt to alleviate it. The result is an endless chain of “smoking events” in our lives which Carr looks at from every angle as we try to justify our reasons to smoke: out of boredom, when we are anxious, to help us concentrate, to help us relax, etc., etc., etc. The reality is that smoking doesn’t actually help us with any of these things. It just allows us to satisfy the uncomfortable itch for long enough to enable us to feel normal again and “fix” the metabolization of a drug we believe that our bodies need.   

This book showed me how to permanently slay the monster by absolutely stripping tobacco and nicotine of its value to me. I don’t wish to spoil the magic of this book for anyone, and so I have revealed just a glimpse of the power within. Start on page one and take back the freedom you deserve!

The moment I put out my last cigarette I imagined a heavy, black wooden door that was opened and a voice within me said “leave your smoking habit behind and step through this door”. As I did so the door shut behind me and I have steadfastly put my faith in the power that holds the door closed ever since! Not a day goes by that I don’t celebrate the same simple freedom that I enjoyed before I was a smoker in not having to put nicotine and all those terrible toxins into my body to feel normal. I FEEL GREAT!!!

There is absolutely everything to gain by quitting, and no reason under the sun to justify continuing to smoke. If you are reading this then you’ve already taken the first step!

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Last Updated: May 30, 2016
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