Childhood Safety

Children are full of energy and curiosity and as care providers, you not only help to shape their minds and reach different developmental milestones, you keep them safe while they learn and play. 

Parachute Canada (2016) states that about 90% of all childhood injuries can be prevented.  By being prepared and knowing the risks that young children face, both at play and with the products or toys they come into contact with, as care providers, you can help predict and prevent many childhood injuries from happening.

Free E-Learning Course on Child Safety & Injury Prevention

For those interested in learning more about childhood injury prevention, Parachute Canada has developed the Introduction to Child Injury Prevention free e-learning course.  This course is intended for people who work with families of children 0-6 years of age.  It takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete all the lessons of the course and you can leave it at any time and come back into the beginning of the lesson you were working on.  Parachute Canada also has a free e-learning course on Concussions  for those interested in understanding more about preventing, recognizing and managing concussions.


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