Tobacco & Smoking

Tobacco and E-cigarette Prevention Resources are Available Upon Request to Support Educators and Parents in Keeping Youth Smoke-Free.


Gay Straight Alliance Groups and Smoking Prevention

Smoking rates tend to be 2-3 times higher than general population with specific risks including:

  • Smoking increases the risk of blood clots in trans women who take estrogen,
  • Increased risk of heart disease in trans men who take testosterone

“Smoking kills more of our community than AIDS, alcohol, drugs, accidents, hate crimes & suicide combined” - DeBold, Kathleen, Mautner Project (LGBTQ Community Centre, NYC)

Why Are Rates So Much Higher?

  • Stress: coming out, stigma, living in heteronormative and cisnormative society
  • Self-medication for depression, anxiety
  • History of bar culture within LGBTQ communities
  • Provide a sense of belonging to a group
  • Targeted marketing by the tobacco industry

Stigmatization and marginalization (the impact of homo/bi/transphobia and heterosexism) are the primary reasons for the health disparities in the LGBTQ communities. 


Supporting LGBT+ students by addressing these factors in the school climate, programs and resources will help prevent tobacco use. 


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