Rabies Reporting and Vaccine

Rabies Reporting & Vaccine Protocol

Human Exposure to a Potentially Rabid Animal?

Any person (including a doctor, police officer, or veterinarian) who knows an animal that has bit or scratched a person has a legal duty to report to Public Health.

Rabies Prophylaxis Recommended?

Two vaccines are given to the patient:

  1. The first vaccine provides immediate protection against rabies. Human rabies immune globulin, or RabIG for short, is given by needle and administered on the first visit only.
  2. The second vaccine is called Rabies Human Diploid Cell Vaccine or HDCV for short. It boosts the body to fight the rabies virus over time.  The HDVC is given by needle on 4 different days: Day 0 (this is the first needle), then Day 3, Day 7, Day 14.

Please note:

  • If the patient has never been vaccinated against rabies and
  • Has an illness or takes medicine that has weakened the immune system; or

  • Takes chloroquine or antimalarials; then

    • One more dose of the HDVC is recommended. The fifth dose is given on Day 28.

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