Stage 4: Seatbelts

Don’t hurry to transition your child from a booster seat to using only a seatbelt. It is best for a child to continue using a booster seat for as long as possible. Transport Canada provides information on how to tell if a child is ready to use only a seat belt.

The law requires that children use a booster seat until they reach the upper weight or height limit of the booster seat and:

  • The child is 9-12 years old
  • The child is at least 4’9” tall or has a sitting height of 29”
  • The child can sit back against the vehicle seat with knees bent comfortably at the edge of the seat (no slouching) with feet flat on the floor
  • The lap belt rests across the upper thighs and doesn’t ride up on the stomach
  • The shoulder belt goes across the chest bone and the middle of the shoulder – NOT across the neck of behind the back
  • The child can stay seated like this for the whole trip