Tobacco in Elgin St. Thomas

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21.1% of those living in Elgin St. Thomas smoke tobacco daily and an additional 6.7% smoke tobacco occasionally.

27% of survey respondents in Elgin St. Thomas reported using cannabis in the past year.

No amount of second-hand smoke exposure is safe and breathing in any amount of cannabis or tobacco smoke can negatively impact health. Cannabis and tobacco smoke have also been shown to have many of the same toxic chemicals.

Protecting those living in Elgin County and St. Thomas from the harms of smoking (tobacco and cannabis) includes:

  • Preventing youth from starting to smoke
  • Protecting everyone from second-hand smoke
  • Helping those who currently smoke to quit

Tobacco Use in Elgin St. Thomas                                                               Smoke-Free Ontario (Cannabis and Tobacco)

Tobacco Use Elgin St. Thomas                                                                 Commitment to a Smoke-Free Ontario (Cannabis and Tobacco)                      


Last Updated: April 5, 2018