Getting Started – General Preparedness and Response

Prepare Your Family

First aid kit suppliesEmergency Preparedness (EP) is everyone’s responsibility. Emergency Preparedness for your family involves getting resources, supplies, and plans prepared for any type of emergency. This may include:

  • Building an Emergency Survival Kit
  • Becoming Informed – monitoring Public Alerts in Ontario

 Resources for preparing your family can be located at:

Some individuals may not have the support or capacity to deal with emergencies. Reach out to neighbours, family and friends who may be vulnerable or unable to support themselves during an emergency.

Guidance for General Businesses

The importance of an effective workplace safety and health program cannot be overemphasized.  The benefits to a program include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Reduced absenteeism and illness
  • Reduced workers’ compensation rates.

Unfortunately, workplace accidents and illnesses still occur in spite of efforts to prevent them, and proper planning is necessary to effectively respond to emergencies.

Please see General Business emergency preparedness for more information.

Resources for Responders

Blackboard questionsExperience with past emergencies has shown that agencies and organizations participating in a response need to act in a coordinated manner in order for the response to be effective.

The province of Ontario provides a variety of resources to increase the response capacity and support of Ontario communities, such as:

Pre-event Preparation

Pre-event preparation, training, and access to information, field assessments, and safety equipment are critical to minimizing consequent deaths, injuries, and illness, and to promote overall worker resilience.

Safety Management

Safety Management becomes an integral component in any emergency response, and should be considered prior, during, and after an event. Please view resources produced by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control with NIOSH and RAND outlining safety management of responders.


Addressing the need for a coordinated response to all types of emergencies and incidents, the Ontario government has developed training programs aimed at emergency response organizations and the public health sector. Both of the available training modules listed below includes online courses that can be completed at the users own pace.


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