Food Safety Reports

Food Safety Reports

Like all public health units in Ontario, Southwestern Public Health is required under the Ontario Public Health Standards to make inspection reports available to the public.

Anywhere food is prepared, served or sold to the public is subject to routine health inspections.

The types of facilities that are subject to regular inspections and reporting include:

  • General food service establishments (bars, restaurants, cafeterias, delicatessens, butcher shops, grocery stores, banquet halls, catering kitchens, etc.)
  • Institutional food service establishments (e.g., hospitals, school cafeterias, nursing homes, licensed childcare centre kitchens, boarding houses with 10 or more residents, etc.)
  • Mobile food service premises (e.g., hot dog carts, catering vehicles, food trucks)

Inspection Reports

If you are looking for the results of an inspection for a particular premises in Oxford or Elgin County, please contact the environmental health team at 519-421-9901 ext. 3520 (Oxford) or 519-631-9900 option 7 (Elgin) or by emailing Please include the name of the premises you are looking for and the address or approximate location.

Southwestern Public Health is actively working to update our website to include an online database of health inspection reports from both counties. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause during the transition.

For more information contact