What’s in a Food Safety Report?

The Online Food Safety Report will show:   

  • Name of the Food Premises with address and phone number.  The owner and operator information will NOT be included.
  • Date of Inspection: Food Safety Reports will be displayed from December 1st, 2014 onwards.
  • Type of Food Premises (e.g., restaurant, bakery, institution).
  • Type of Inspection (required compliance inspection, follow-up re-inspection, complaint inspection).
  • Violations observed during inspection (Types)
    • No - Violations observed during inspection; may include specific comments or instructions provided.
    • CDI: Corrected during inspection. Violations observed that were corrected immediately will be noted as CDI (Corrected During Inspection), in the Compliance column.
    • If NO violations observed, Action Taken will say “Satisfactory – No Action Required.  No violations observed at time of inspection.”
  • Action Taken will also summarize Enforcement Action taken (e.g., Order to Close, Ticket Issued, Summons Issued, Contaminated Foods Seized).
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