Electronic Cigarettes & the Electronic Cigarette Act

Electronic Cigarette Act

On January 1st, 2016 the Province of Ontario made it illegal to sell or supply (i.e. give) e-cigarettes and component parts (i.e. battery, atomizer) to anyone under the age of 19.   Retailers and proprietors are required to post signs in accordance with the Making Healthier Choices Act, 2015.  Signs can be picked up at Elgin St. Thomas Public Health located at 1230 Talbot Street in St. Thomas. If you have questions about the legislation, please call 519-631-9900 to speak to a Tobacco Enforcement Officer.


On March 10th the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care released a public consultation paper to obtain feedback and comments to inform the next phase of legislation.  Once the next phase has been determined, Elgin St. Thomas Public Health will be notifying workplaces, public places and the general public as to what the new laws are and how to comply with them. Learn more about the rules.

E-cigarette study conclusions and policy implications (March 2016)