Smoke-free Ontario Act

The Smoke-free Ontario Act

The Smoke-Free Ontario Strategy was implemented in 2006 and has greatly reduced tobacco use and lowered health risks to non-smokers in Ontario.

The Strategy combines programs, policies, laws and public education to:

  • help smokers quit
  • protect people from exposure to second-hand smoke
  • encourage young people to never start

Smoke-Free facts

  • Each year, tobacco claims 13,000 lives in Ontario - that equals 36 lives every day
  • Tobacco-related disease costs Ontario’s health care system an estimated $2.2 billion in direct health care costs
  • It also costs an extra $5.3 billion in indirect costs such as time off work
  • Ontario’s smoking rate dropped from 24.5 per cent in 2000 to 17.4% in 2014, meaning 408,257 fewer smokers