Submit a Complaint

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act provides laws that protect the public from exposure to second-hand smoke. The Act also outlines prohibitions on sales to minors.

  • If you have questions or witness an event that tobacco or e-cigarettes are related please submit a complaint by calling 1-800-922-0096 or click on the email link below.
  • Please note: you can remain anonymous when you contact the Tobacco Enforcement Officer.

The 1994 Tobacco Control Act first banned the sale of tobacco to minors. The Smoke-Free Ontario Act 2006 continues the enforcement of not selling tobacco to minors.  Recently the Province has also taken measures to control the sale and supply of Electronic Cigarettes to anyone under the age of 19. These laws are there to protect you.

Locations where smoking is prohibited in Ontario:

  • Enclosed workplaces including workplace vehicles and public places
  • Hospitals & independent health facilities
  • Schools (as defined under the Schools Act)
  • Common areas of Multi-Unit Dwellings(i.e. front lobbies, hallways, stairways, parking garages)
  • Within 20 meters from any playground, splash pad, baseball diamond, soccer field
  • Restaurant patios
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