The Baby-Friendly Initiative

newborn baby sleeping

What is the Baby-Friendly Initiative?

You may have heard the term, Baby-Friendly. The Baby-Friendly Initiative is an international program designed to support all mothers and babies by:

  • Supporting families to make an informed decision about feeding their baby.
  • Protecting families from the marketing pressures of formula companies.
  • Promoting practices that give mothers and babies a healthy start.

There are hospitals, health units, and community health centres that have received this designation or are working towards it. Southwestern Public Health is working towards Baby-Friendly designation to ensure that all families get the best support possible with infant feeding.  We are dedicated to meet best-practice standards that will help you to:

  • Make an informed decision on how to feed your baby.
  • Be prepared with accurate information about infant feeding.
  • Feel supported as you learn to feed and take care of your baby.

For more information about the Baby-Friendly Initiative, please visit the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada website.

Adapted with permission from the Best Start Resource Centre

Our Baby-Friendly Policy for Parents

Southwestern Public Health has a Baby-Friendly Organization Policy that makes sure that all families get the support that they need with infant feeding. 

As an organization that is striving to be Baby-Friendly:

  • We support all families in their infant feeding decisions.
  • We encourage questions and discussion to help parents make informed decisions about feeding their baby.
  • We have a policy that protects, promotes, and supports breastfeeding. 
    We train our staff to follow this policy.
  • We talk to pregnant women and their families about the importance of breastfeeding.
  • We encourage mothers and families to hold and feed their baby skin-to-skin as much as possible.
  • We talk to families about how to respond to their baby’s feeding cues.
  • We support mothers and families:
    • To feed their baby breast milk only for the first six months of life.
    • To start their baby on healthy solid foods at 6 months of age.
    • To continue to breastfeed for up to 2 years and beyond.
  • We welcome mothers to breastfeed anytime, anywhere at any of our locations in St. Thomas and Elgin County.
  • We do not advertise or give out infant formula, bottles, nipples or pacifiers.
  • We work with our community to support breastfeeding in Oxford County, Elgin County and St. Thomas.

For more information about our Baby-Friendly Organization Policy, please contact reception at Southwestern Public Health or call 1-800-922-0096.

Our Baby-Friendly Organization Policy can be translated upon request.


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