Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Lapse Disclosure

This web page contains reports on premises where an infection prevention and control lapse was identified through the assessment of a complaint or referral, or through communicable disease surveillance.  It does not include reports of premises which were investigated (following a complaint or referral) but where no infection prevention and control lapse was ultimately identified.

These reports are not exhaustive and do not guarantee that those premises listed and not listed are free of infection prevention and control lapses.  Identification of lapses is based on assessment and investigation of a premise at a point-in-time.  These assessments and investigations are triggered when potential infection prevention and control lapses are brought to the attention of the local Medical Officer of Health.

The reports are posted on this web page reflect only investigations of premises located in Oxford County, St. Thomas and Elgin County.  Reports are posted on a premises-by-premises basis, i.e. will correspond with one site only. 

Pursuant to Ministry of Health and Long Term Care requirements, once an investigation is completed, a final report will be posted for a period of no less than one year from the time all corrective actions were completed.

Should you wish a full investigation report for any posted lapse, please contact a member of the Communicable Disease team at 519-631-9900 ext.1232 or visit our Body Safe Reports.

Infection Prevention and Control Lapses: Frequently Asked Questions for Health Care Professionals

Initial IPAC Lapse Report - Life Labs May 2017

Final IPAC Lapse Report - Life Labs June 2017


Last Updated: June 12, 2017