Healthy Eating When Money is Tight

A new health unit to serve our communities better – We are working to update the information on this page to reflect our new organization as Southwestern Public Health. Currently this information reflects Elgin St. Thomas area only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For information about Oxford County area programs and services, please call 1-800-922-0096.

There may be times when you and your family don’t have enough money to buy healthy food. Here are some resources to help when money is tight:

Food Programs and Services Guide:

Food Programs and Services Guide

There are many food programs and services available in Elgin St. Thomas.  The Food Programs and Services Guide can help you access low cost or free meals, nutrition services by Registered Dietitians, cooking programs, and much more.

Elgin St. Thomas Public Health would like to thank all of the organizations listed for their participation. The information is kept up to date with reasonable effort on an annual basis. For changes or updates to this guide, please contact us.


Food Choices When Money is Tight

Eat Right Ontario Food Choices



EatRight Ontario has created many budget friendly information sheets and recipes when money is tight.

Learn more about how you can:

  • Plan healthy meals
  • Save money at the grocery store
  • Cook on a budget




How to Eat Well on a Budget


Learn about how to eat well on a budget with these money saving tips from Unlock FoodUnlock Food.


Counting on Change with Sarah Coleman


The “Counting on Change” workshop will teach people about budgeting, meal planning, and couponing. The program also offers peer support for people as they journey through poverty, homelessness, mental health, and addictions. The program is offered as a group workshop or a one-on-one program at the Psychiatric Survivors Network Elgin.

For more information on the program, please contact:

Psychiatric Survivors Network Elgin at: 519-631-1580 or toll-free 1-888-631-1919 or join the Facebook group “Counting on Change with Sarah Coleman”

Healthy Food Donation List

Many people rely on food banks to make ends meet. The Healthy Food Donation List includes tips for donating healthier food items. Please contact your local food bank to find out what types of foods they can store



Last Updated: August 9, 2017