Birth Control

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There are many different birth control options.  There are hormonal and non-hormonal types.  It is important to consider your own medical history, side effects, cost, and lifestyle when deciding which method is best for you. 

multiple types of birth control

  • Birth control is not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, ALWAYS use condoms for dual protection against pregnancy and to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections
  • Condoms and lubricant are free at Southwestern Public Health

What types of birth control does public health stock?

We stock pill types: Alesse, Demulen, Marvelon, Min Ovral, Tri Cyclen Lo, Yasmin and Yaz.  We also stock the Depo shot, Evra Patch and NuvaRing.

Who is able to get low cost birth control at Southwestern Public Health?

SWPH offers low cost birth control options to women under the age of 30.

How much does it cost?

Prices range from $8.00-$23.00/month, cash or debit accepted. 

Women 24 and under are eligible for free birth control from a pharmacy.  Talk to a sexual health nurse for more information.

Is money tight this month? Southwestern Public Health is always open to having conversations about pricing.

How do I get birth control at Southwestern Public Health?

Some women may be eligible to start birth control with a nurse at the SH Clinic drop ins, others may need to be booked to our doctor led clinic to obtain a birth control prescription.

Give us a call or come to the Sexual Health Clinic for more information.

The Public Health Nurse at your school (EESS, PCI, AVSS, St. Joseph’s, WESS and CECI) is also a great source for sexual health and birth control information.  Your school nurse may be able to get you started on birth control as well.

Other important things to know

Southwestern Public Health does not accept outside prescriptions from your health care provider.

Southwestern Public Health does not accept drug benefit plans or OW drug plans, but you can take your prescription to a pharmacy to take advantage of these benefits.



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