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Flavoured Products

“Cigarettes are no more addictive than gummi bears”
       -James Morgan, CEO, Philip Morris, 1997

Flavoured tobacco is helping to attract and addict a new generation of youth.  Data from the Youth Smoking Survey was released in September 2014 showing that 55,300 (or 46%) of high school students in Ontario who had used tobacco in the previous 30 days, had used flavoured tobacco.

The tobacco industry exploits loopholes in legislation to keep their products on the market (ie; flavoured products).  

Learn more and take a stand against the creation of products that target youth: Freeze The Industry

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Smoke from cigars and pipes can be harmful to your health as well. Many people who smoke cigars and pipes do not inhale - but they have more risk of getting cancer of the lip, mouth, tongue or throat. Most people who switch from cigarettes to pipes do actually inhale! Inhaling smoke into the lungs transmits toxins deep into the respiratory system and can cause chronic diseases such as cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

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