Third-Hand Smoke

What is Third-Hand Smoke?

2 girls with dogThird-Hand Smoke is the smoke that is left over from second-hand smoke that settles into fabrics, carpet, upholstery, skin, hair, toys and walls. It has the same toxic chemicals that exist in second-hand smoke.

Third-hand smoke builds up over time. Each time someone smokes, the lingering smoke settles into the surrounding environment.

  • Homes and vehicles where someone smokes would have third- hand smoke. 
  • Infants and young children who play on carpet floors and put plush toys into their mouths are more likely to be exposed to the toxins found in third-hand smoke.
  • Third-hand smoke is dangerous for pets too. Dogs and cats lick third-hand smoke from their fur when they groom themselves. Birds also take in these toxic chemicals when they pick through their feathers.

The best way to protect yourself and your family is to make your home and vehicle smoke-free.

The Ontario Lung Association has information and smoke-free home and vehicle decals you can use to inform others that your home and/or vehicle are smoke-free.

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