Policies & Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been approved for the Board of Health by the Board of Health for Southwestern Public Health:

General Governance


BOH-GOV-010 (F)

Conflict of Interest

Written Statement of Disclosure


BOH-GOV-020 (F)

Board Member Oath of Conduct and Confidentiality

Appendix A

BOH-GOV-030 Delegation of Powers and Duties
BOH-GOV-040 Audio Recording of Board of Health Meetings
BOH-GOV-050 Accountability and Transparency
BOH-GOV-060 Election of Officers to Consecutive Terms
BOH-GOV-070 Board Member Orientation
BOH-GOV-080 Order in Council Provincial Representatives

Policy Management

BOH-PM-010 Policy Adherence & Policy Development  


BOH-FIN-010 Reserve Fund                                                   
BOH-FIN-020 Board Members’ Remuneration                           
BOH-FIN-030 Budgets
BOH-FIN-040 Banking and Financing
BOH-FIN-050 Board Member Allowable Expenses

Human Resources

BOH-HR-020 Board of Health Self-Evaluation               
BOH-HR-030 CEO and MOH Performance Appraisals          
BOH-HR-040 Delegation of Duties of MOH and CEO
BOH-HR-050 In Memorial Acknowledgement


Last Updated: September 18, 2017